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Luxury Living

Regarding the check-in process, you will find the lockbox with the sticker IVR at the entrance of the building on your right

Your unique personal code for the lockbox is 9901

Please after taking the keys close and secure the lockbox.

The apartment is on the second floor (2), with a brown door at the end of the corridor on the left.

The right door.


Please place the white card in the recess, as you enter, to the left of the entrance of the apartment. When you leave please keep the white card on your keys, unnecessary power consumption is avoided, while the only device that works exclusively is the refrigerator so that your products remain fresh.

Lift up the switch (Water Heater) on the fuse panel next to the bathroom for 20 minutes, then switch it off and enjoy your bath.

Name: TP-Link_E3EA
Code: 69049828

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Kind regards,
IVY Vacation Rentals Team
t: +302103238324
m: +306936782551 | +306932567290

IVY Vacation Rentals

15 Ioannou Paparrigopoulou str.
Athens, 10561

Tel(+30) 2103238324

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